Direct Marketing Specialists

We help our clients increase sales by providing high-quality and high-converting prospects

We specialise in providing performance driven fresh enquiries for businesses via digital and traditional direct marketing channels, online local search and targeted consumer data.

Our strengths include market-intelligence, creative input, business strategy and latest technologies… dynamically combined to help maximise return on investment for brands and businesses.



Through performance based online marketing solutions, we provide an effective way to reach out to prospects and introduce them to any brand or business. Through our networks, we offer highly responsive and converting consumer campaigns. 


We are practical, impartial and aim to get the highest return on media spend. We are experienced in many different verticals in multiple countries, via various advertising methods. We offer a comprehensive marketing management programme, with complete prospect management and tracking… providing a comprehensive tailored service, to enable you to recruit new customers.


With years of experience running effective direct marketing campaigns, it is a matter of getting the science right.


Direct marketing is about making contact with existing and potential customers to promote products and services.

This enables you to target prospects or customers with personalised messages. Direct marketing can be cost effective and extremely powerful at generating sales and is ideal for large and small businesses. Direct marketing uses a variety of different methods such as direct mail and leafleting, email marketing, telemarketing and mobile marketing.


We can help provide any business with a cost-effective way to reach customers on a one-to-one basis.



We manage local search, you pay per lead...


Wouldn't it be good 'if' your AdWords advertising agency was confident enough to do all their work on a REAL performance basis. Where after researching AdWords, they were so confident that the agency paid for them, not you... And then they charged you on results ONLY for genuine form-fill or for genuine phone call to your business...for every new, fresh lead? 

And then they were so DOUBLY confident of their ongoing abilities they'd say 'OK, if any of the phone calls and form fills we give you, are hoax enquiries we'll replace them too - we'll only charge you for real enquiries'.


Wouldn't it be good if you could de-risk AdWords, and get the max profit for each click?

WELL, that's what we do!


Targeted Response have a wealth of marketing experience, specialising in performance response campaigns, traditional direct marketing and location based advertising.

We are based at the iconic Fort Dunlop building just off the M6, near Birmingham.

We’re very friendly and our door is always open to discuss your ideas, over a cup of tea or coffee.

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